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Anna Belyntseva

Georgina, Keswick property buy and sell blog

Georgina: Beside the Shining Waters

Georgina is located on the largest inland lake in southern Ontario excluding the Great Lakes. Because it has a similar glaceal genesis, Lake Simcoe is often considered to be one of the Great Lakes, yet it is unique and destinct.

Thousands of years ago the present lake and its large surrounding watershed were covered by Lake Algonquin. As the glacial waters receded, some islands remained and are still present, while others are now low undulating hills.

Reffered to by early inhabitants and visitors as "Shining Waters," Lake Simcoe has been home to settlers for thousands of years. Aboriginal peoples hunted, explored and farmed in haarmony with their environment. The first Europeans - missionaries and explorers including Samuel de Champlain - arrived in the 1600s opening the way for later settlement. From the 1880s to 1900, forests and grasslands were cleared, and wetlands and river courses were drained to make way for agriculture...( Much more information about our town you can find in "The Georgina Book")

Published Monday, November 28, 2011 4:59 PM by Anna Belyntseva

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