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  • Tips for Easy Sping Home Maitenance



    1. Check for possible damage to the roof. Look for missing, cracked or broken shingles and make note of any needed repairs. For safety reasons, you may want to consider hiring a qualified professional to take care of any repair work that needs to be done. 

    2. Clean gutters and downspouts and make sure they are directing water away from the house. A minimum of  Three to Six feet away from any corner or exterior wall is recommended. Moisture can be the biggest enemy, and proper drainage is the key the a safe and healthy home.

    3. Cut back tree limbs and shrubs growing within five feet of the house or that are brushing up against the roof. You will create better ventilation, help dry out surfaces and prevent possible damage.

    4. Check for and repair cracks in driveway/sidewalk. Spring is the best time to seal cracks in the driveway or any other concrete.

    5. Pressure wash your deck/patio and bring outdoor furniture out of storage. Make sure to wipe down each piece thoroughly prior to placing on a freshly-washed surface.
     6. Check garden hoses for dry rot and inspect hose faucets for possible freeze damage that may have occurred during the winter months. 

     7. Regrade negative sloping soil around the foundation, this will help keep moisture away from the perimeter of the home.

    8. Clean/condition your outdoor grill by first rinsing all outside surfaces with water. If grease has loosened on the grill grates and inside of the grill, wipe off using grill cleaner and paper towels. Follow by washing with a mild detergent and water. Rinse well and wipe dry.

    By taking the time to prepare your home for spring, you’ll be able to focus more on enjoying outdoor activities, longer days and mild weather and less on household fixes and repairs.

  • Georgina: Beside the Shining Waters

    Georgina is located on the largest inland lake in southern Ontario excluding the Great Lakes. Because it has a similar glaceal genesis, Lake Simcoe is often considered to be one of the Great Lakes, yet it is unique and destinct.

    Thousands of years ago the present lake and its large surrounding watershed were covered by Lake Algonquin. As the glacial waters receded, some islands remained and are still present, while others are now low undulating hills.

    Reffered to by early inhabitants and visitors as "Shining Waters," Lake Simcoe has been home to settlers for thousands of years. Aboriginal peoples hunted, explored and farmed in haarmony with their environment. The first Europeans - missionaries and explorers including Samuel de Champlain - arrived in the 1600s opening the way for later settlement. From the 1880s to 1900, forests and grasslands were cleared, and wetlands and river courses were drained to make way for agriculture...( Much more information about our town you can find in "The Georgina Book")

  • Land Transfer Tax

    Land transfer tax is assessed on real property when a deed is registered transferring ownership of the property from one party to another. The tax uses a sliding scale of percentages based on property value.


    Currently, the land transfer tax in Ontario is as follows:
    0.5%  on the first $55,000
    1.0%  on the portion between $55,000-$250,000
    1.5%  on balance over $250,000

    Example: Land Transfer Tax Calculation

    A single-family home is purchased for $ 450,000. The following calculation applies:
    $0-$55,000              .005x$55,000                  =275
    $55,000-$250,000   .01x$195,000                =1,950
    $250,000-$400,000 .015x$150,000              =2,250
    $400,000 plus         (.015+.005)x$50,000     =1,000
    Land Transfer Tax Payable                            $5,475

  • Choose the right mortgage for you

    Keswick homes for saleFinding the right mortgage for you is one of the most important steps in buying your home. There are different types of mortgages offered by lenders in Canada. The main ones are Open, Closed and Variable Mortgages.

    An “OPEN MORTGAGE” allows the flexibility of prepayment. You can pay part or all of the balance owing without any type of interest penalty.

    A “CLOSED MORTGAGE” keeps payments unchanged for the duration of the loan period. It provides payment stability but penalizes a mortgagor who wishes to terminate the mortgage earlier. Each institution will have their own repayment options and policies. Most offer some type of extra pre-payment option that allows you to make extra principal payments to pay off your mortgage faster.

    A “VARIABLE RATE MORTGAGE” changes based on the banks prime rate and therefore fluctuates with the market changes. It offers the advantage of lower rates if mortgage rates decline. On the other hand, it exposes the mortgagor to the risk monthly payments will go up if mortgage rates rise.

    The life of your mortgage is referred to as the AMORTIZATION PERIOD or term. The most popular terms range between 25 to the maximum of 30 years.

    A ”FIXED RATE MORTGAGE” keeps the mortgage rate the same throughout the life of the mortgage even if rates rise. If rates go down, a fixed rate mortgage may prove to be more expensive than a variable rate one. The terms available range from six months to ten years.

    A “CONVENTIONAL MORTGAGE” is a loan up to 80% of the appraised value or purchase price of the property, which is less. The remaining amount comes from the borrower’s own resources and is known as the Down Payment. Mortgages that exceed this limit by law must be insured against default, and are referred to as “ High Ratio Mortgages”.

    A ”HIGH RATIO MORTGAGE” is used for loans that exceed conventional mortgage lending guidelines. These mortgages are granted under the National Housing Act (NHA) and must, by law, be insured against default through Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) or Genworth Financial Canada (GENWORTH). The borrower will have to pay the insurance premium, which can range from 0.50% to 3.15% of the total mortgage amount. Typically, the insurance premium is added to the principle amount of the mortgage. With a high ratio mortgage, people can purchase a home with as little as a 5% down payment.


    Is available as an enhancement to Mortgage Life Insurance. It is recommended for all mortgagors. It can pay off your mortgage if you are diagnosed with different types of illness (i.e. types of cancer, heart attack, or stroke). Coverage will vary between the different insurance companies that offer this type of insurance with the institutions. 
  • Ontario property TAX 2010 in All Cities

    Check with the appropriate city tax department for more information on 2010 property tax rates. Please note: These tax rates are for the most common rate classifications. Tax rates for other property classes can be obtained by contacting the local Municipality’s Treasury department.

    Location Phone# Treasury Office Residential Multi Residential Commercial Occupied Industrial Occupied
    Ajax 905-683-4550 ext. 361 1.380610 2.368082 2.949747 4.412494
    Aurora 905-727-3123 ext. 4747 1.076539 3.58518 4.23051 4.86688
    Barrie 705-739-4230 1.344730 1.409878 2.945882 3.189776
    Bradford 905-775-5303 1.192575 1.704999 2.621467 3.834311
    Brampton 905-874-2200 1.202267 1.879961 2.586404 2.998738
    Brock 705-432-2355 1.530465 2.647785 3.167036 4.751136
    Burlington (Urban) 905-335-7750 1.039739 2.047668 2.328369 3.639014
    Burlington (Rural)   0.980076 0.983546 2.241470 3.198215
    Caledon 905-584-2272 ext. 7750 0.969107 1.482421 2.283971 2.655992
    Clarington 905-623-3379 1.415155 2.432560 2.999837 4.490558
    Collingwood 705-445-1030 1.327390 1.912411 2.790269 4.041723
    East Gwillimbury 905-478-4282 ext. 229 1.058805 1.058805 2.254323 2.569183
    Georgina 905-476-4301 1.319329 1.319329 2.56741 2.922843
    Halton Hills (Urban) 905-873-2600 Ext. 2930 0.994659 1.945701 2.26271 3.532630
    Halton Hills (Rural)   0.960448 1.868318 2.212885 3.451894
    King 905-833-5321 1.033520 1.033520 2.224487 2.534858
    Markham 905-475-4864 0.963334 0.963334 2.141668 2.141668
    Milton (Urban) 905-878-7252 ext. 2193 0.878423 1.682787 2.093411 3.258323
    Milton (Rural)   0.834846 1.584220 2.029942 3.155486
    Mississauga 905-896-5575 0.982115 1.559282 2.384381 2.749791
    New Tecumseh 705-435-6219 1.076081 1.525776 2.475606 3.655084
    Newmarket 905-953-5317 1.111064 1.111064 2.315989 2.640124
    Oakville 905-338-4222 0.982526 1.918256 2.245038 3.503995
    Orangeville 519-941-9569 1.440069 3.454745 2.668263 4.577076
    Orillia 705-329-7239 1.390526 2.08024 3.706062 4.189535
    Oshawa 905-725-3356 1.704499 2.972619 3.419385 5.144417
    Pickering 905-420-4614 1.371047 2.350233 2.935880 4.390884
    Richmond Hill 905-771-8949 0.979481 0.979481 2.160721 2.461500
    Scugog 905-985-7346 1.330371 2.274310 2.876900 4.298964
    Toronto 416-338-4829 0.8305702 2.1962517 3.5983042 3.694019
    Uxbridge 905-852-9181 ext. 210/211 1.252197 2.128399 2.763547 4.122306
    Vaughan 905-832-8502 0.976898 0.976898 2.157674 2.457994
    Whitby 905-430-4304 1.399929 2.404141 2.977760 4.456152
    Whitchurch / Stouffville 905-640-1900 1.002454 1.002454 2.187829 2.492686

    * Assessment-related tax increases for commercial, industrial, and multi-residential properties are subject to provincial capping provisions. Accordingly, depending on policy established by each municipality, assessment-related tax increases for commercial, industrial, and multiresidential  properties will be limited to 5% of the property’s prior year’s taxes, or, 10% of the property’s prior year’s taxes, or, 5% of the property’s full Current Value Assessment taxes. Please check with the municipality regarding their specific policies. Note: This information is provided by the individual municipalities. The Toronto Real Estate Board assumes no responsibility for the
    accuracy of this data.